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A Hero Among Us

Every day, acts of bravery, compassion and selflessness are performed by those around us. Sometimes we hear about them and other times they go without mention. One of these acts was performed by a long time member, coach and officer of The Relics, "Chappy" Smith.

As may of you may have already heard, at one of the Gold Division games in early May, one of players suffered a very serious heart attack. Chappy, who is an ex-Marine and trained in CPR, without hesitation, sprung to action by performing life saving recussitation techniques and directing others to call "911" and assist him where possible. The story has a very happy ending, with the victim now alive and well. Had it not been for the presence of mind and immediate action, this story would surely have had a sad ending. Thank you Chapman "Chappy" Smith.

This past Friday, just prior to the start of the Goild Division game, "Chappy "Smith was recognized by the Western Mass Relics for his immediate and life saving response at the ball field.  A plaque was presented by his friend Bill Koss, a former Commissioner and coach.

Special thanks to Linda Koss for the photos and the design of the plaque. And to Commissioner Maurry Tamarkin for his encouragement in making this honor possible.

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