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2018 Non-Approved Bat List

Bat Information – as of September 24, 2018
(No changes to list as of March 22, 2017)

For a bat to be USA Softball approved it must have an (1) ASA Certification mark, (2) NOT listed on the non-approved bat list listed on the USA Softball web site except as noted below. (3) The bat must also be included on a list of approved bat models published by USA Softball. USA Softball requires that an ASA certification mark must appear on any bat made since 2000. There are currently 3 certification marks: 2000, 2004 and 2013.

Exception – The following 18 Easton bats are listed on the non-approved list; however, they are considered legal for both divisions of the Relics.
Easton SCN1Easton SCN11BHEaston SCN1BEaston SCN2B
Easton SCN3Easton SCN4BEaston SCN5Easton SCN5B
Easton SCN6BEaston SCN7Easton SCN7BEaston SCN8
Easton SCN8BEaston SCN9Easton SCX14Easton SCX14B
Easton SCX24BEaston SCX3
The list of approved bat models can be found on the USA Softball web site. There are 3 pages listed on the USA Softball web site of non-approved bats. Below is a consolidated list of all 3 pages:

Page 1 is the same as page 2 but is listed in column form. Page 3 is also listed below but only has 2004 Cert mark. A total of 47 bats are on the USA Softball Non-Approved List, as of March 22, 2017. Please check the following web site for any updates.


Manufacturer Bat Name (2000 and 2004 Cert Marks).

1. Bass Quake
2. Combat VIRSP3 Lady Virus
3. Easton SCN1 (OK for the Fish)
4. Easton SCN11BH (OK for the Fish)
5. Easton SCN1B (OK for the Fish)
6. Easton SCN2B (OK for the Fish)
7. Easton SCN3(OK for the Fish)
8. Easton SCN4B (OK for the Fish)
9. Easton SCN5 (OK for the Fish)
10. Easton SCN5B (OK for the Fish)
11. Easton SCN6B (OK for the Fish)
12. Easton SCN7 (OK for the Fish)
13. Easton SCN7B (OK for the Fish)
14. Easton SCN8 (OK for the Fish)
15. Easton SCN8B (OK for the Fish)
16. Easton SCN9 (OK for the Fish)
17. Easton SCX14 (OK for the Fish)
18. Easton SCX14B (OK for the Fish)
19. Easton SCX24B (OK for the Fish)
20. Easton SCX3 (OK for the Fish)
21. Easton SCX2 Synergy
22. Easton SCX22 Synergy 2
23. Louisville Slugger FP136
24. Louisville Slugger FP1368
25. Louisville Slugger FP1369
26. Louisville Slugger FPC305 Catalyst (-8)
27. Louisville Slugger SB304
28. Louisville Slugger SB34 Genesis
29. Louisville Slugger SB404
30. Louisville Slugger SB73V TPS Voltage
31. Miken MSF Freak
32. Miken MSU Ultra
33. Miken MSU2 Ultra II
34. Miken MSUM Ultra Maxload
35. Nokona Tomahawk
36. Schutt Red/Silver Schutt Bat
37. Worth EST9
38. Worth QESTFP
39. Worth SBWK(Wicked)
40. Worth SBWKA
41. Worth WWSC Wicked Comp. (SP Only)
42. Worth WWSCA
43. Worth XEST9X
44. Worth XGold
45. Worth XPST4
46. Worth XRed
47. Worth XWICKX Wicked (SP Only)

2000, 2004 and 2013 Certification Marks

■Commissioner-Dave Beach ■Asst Commish Jim Choinard ■Registrar -Mitch Pysznik ■Secretary-Russ Maclean  ■Treasurer-Ted Chmura III ■PR-Steve Lepow ■Past Commissioner-Walter Stewart ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Bill Koss Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver

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