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Western Mass Relics Senior Softball League

New Member Registration

Looking for new members for the Western Mass Relics Senior Softball League.

There are 2 divisions available.

Ĝ 50 years and older (must turn 50 within current season year) Silver division.

Ĝ 65 years and older (must turn 65 within current season year) Gold division.

The Western Mass Relics Softball League is a summer recreational slow pitch league. Founded in 1994 with the idea that playing softball is fun, healthy and a great way to make new friendships. Last year we had over 230 members from 49 towns and cities through-out Massachusetts and Connecticut.

All games are played locally at the Ludlow Fish and Game Club in Ludlow, MA.

Log into www.wmassrelics.com select “Menu” and then “Registration” to complete the form and become a member.

Players of all talent and abilities are welcome.

2019 Registrations are being accepted now.

Come enjoy the game you loved years ago.

Please contact Ray Saccoccio III

(551) 795-5822 or westernmassrelics@charter.net for more information.


Walter Stewart Commissioner ■ Mike Dutton Assistant Commissioner: ■ John DaSilva Registrar ■ Jeff Ferranti Recording Secretary ■ John DaSilva Treasurer
■ Ray Saccoccio III Public Relations ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Bill Koss Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver
■ Maurry Tamarkin Past Commissioner

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