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2018 Silver - Revised pitching rule change

    After the approval of Rule F6c, it was quickly realized that the rule needs reconsideration. Discussions were held with the Silver IC Chairman Paul Grudgen, Silver IC members Dock Ericksberg/ Dom Vecchiarelli, Mike Dutton and Ray Saccoccio on the rule. Mike Dutton believes the new rule is faulting the hitter/batter. He believes the screen is an un-natural obstruction and takes part of the field away from the hitter/batter. If the pitcher gets hit because he did not go behind the screen then it is in play but if you hit the screen that is there to protect the pitcher. it is considered a fault against the hitter/batter. The rest of the members felt that it would speed the game up if every time the pitching screen was hit, it would count as a strike. Recommend the following change to rule F6c

    1. Change to F6c. (Silver Division) If a batter hits the pitching screen, the ball will be dead and it will be considered a strike if the batter has less than 2 strikes. If the batter hits the pitching screen a second time at the same at bat, the ball will be dead and the batter will be called out. If the batter has 2 strikes and hits the pitching screen the ball will be dead and the batter will be called out. (Changed 2018)

    2. Discussion was also made to change the first base commitment line to the 2nd pole instead of the 1st pole. Change H4 to read The first base commitment line will be the second fence post on the first base side bench. When a batter has a courtesy runner from the plate and both the batter and runner attempt to run to first base and if the batter passes the commitment line, the umpire will call the play dead and the batter/courtesy runner will be out. Runners must return to their original base. (Changed 2018)

    Discussion minutes approved,

    Paul Grudgen, Silver Internal Committee Chairman


    Approved by the Board of Directors, 14 May 2018

Walter Stewart Commissioner ■ Mike Dutton Assistant Commissioner: ■ John DaSilva Registrar ■ Jeff Ferranti Recording Secretary ■ John DaSilva Treasurer
■ Ray Saccoccio III Public Relations ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Dan Scully Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver
■ Maurry Tamarkin Past Commissioner

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