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On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, the Relics will be using a new Website. After much research and testing, this new site will not only have all the functions of the old site, but will add many new capabilities. The old site will still be active through a transition period, but will soon be eliminated.

Please use the following link to get to the new site.
New Relics Website

Maintenance Volunteers Needed

Relics – we are looking for volunteers to join our Relic Maintenance Group. 

We are looking for volunteers to cut the grass and help maintain the field.  We are trying to get 4 teams.  Each team will have 2 members and each team will be will be responsible to cut the grass for a 2 week period.  If we get the 4 teams, you are talking about every 6 weeks you will be cutting the grass.  That comes down to about 3 or 4 times a year. 

We are also looking for volunteers to paint the foul lines, line the infield and drag the infield.  We usually cut the grass in the morning or early afternoon and we drag the infield daily. 

I would like to give a big “Pat on the Back” for the current Maintenance Group:  Mark Brownell, Dave Chaplan, Philip Mercier, Rich Nacewicz, Rich Nahlovsky, Mike Proulx and Cliff Robinson. 

To volunteer please see or call John DaSilva, 413-589-0001.    


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