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2019 Relics Annual Meeting Minutes

    Western Mass Relics Senior Softball League - 2019 Relics Annual Meeting

    Meeting location: The Villa Rose, 1428 Center St, Ludlow, MA 01056

    Current Officers: Walter Stewart – Commissioner
    Mike Dutton – Assistant Commissioner
    John DaSilva - Registrar
    Jeff Ferranti – Secretary
    John DaSilva – Treasurer
    Ray Saccoccio III – Public Relations
    Pat Lombardo – Entertainment Chairman
    Dan Scully – Internal Chairman – Silver
    Paul Grudgen – Internal Chairman – Gold
    Maurry Tamarkin – Past Commissioner Website: http://www.wmassrelics.com/

    Minutes: 65 Members attended the meeting

    Rules Committees: One meeting for both Gold and Silver. Will advertise the meeting with a written agenda so everyone has the opportunity to attend if they wish.

    Coaches needed: 1 coach in the silver and 2 in the gold are needed. Please contact the IC chair for that division.

    Webmaster: Doug Newton, our web master, is looking to pass the baton. He will continue to support the website until we find a replacement. Anyone interested in the position should contact Walter Stewart or John DaSilva.

    Registrations: Prior to the meeting we had 44 members mail in their registrations and consisted of 22 Gold and 22 Silver. At the meeting we collected 55 registrations.

    Sunshine Club: Mike Dutton (Silver) and Bill Freeman (Gold) have volunteered to be the Sunshine Club

    Morning League: Prior to the meeting we had 29 eligible members mail in their registrations and out of the 29 we have 12 yes and 2 maybes for the Morning League. It was also noted that if the Morning League causes any problems with the afternoon games, the Morning League will be dissolved. The following are current guidelines for the Morning League.
    • Must be older than 60 to play in the Morning League
    • Will be a mix of both Silver and Gold
    • Try to have 4 equal teams. Will need 4 coaches and 4 Maintenance members to drag the field.
    • Play double headers every Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 9 AM, batting practice at 8 AM
    • Start as soon as possible weather permitting, stop just before the Cape starts
    • Will use existing Gold rules
    • We will ump our own games
    • Free substitution – even between games of each double header for equality of teams

    2019 Dates
    • Registration deadline – 3 Apr 2019
    • Cleanup date Saturday - 13 Apr
    • Cleanup rainout date - 20 Apr
    • Jamboree - Sat 27 Apr
    • Season starts - Monday 29 Apr
    • Picnic - 18 Aug
    • Christmas Party - 7 Dec

    The following were nominated and voted in as members of the Board of Directors
    • Public Relations – Ray Saccoccio Jr
    • Entertainment Chairman – Pat Lombardo
    • Internal Chairman Gold – Bill Koss
    • Internal Chairman Silver – Paul Grudgen

■Commissioner-Dave Beach ■Asst Commish Jim Choinard ■Registrar -Mitch Pysznik ■Secretary-Russ Maclean  ■Treasurer-Ted Chmura III ■PR-Steve Lepow ■Past Commissioner-Walter Stewart ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Bill Koss Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver

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