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Internal Commission Mar 2016

Meeting Minutes
Internal Commission Meeting
Western Mass Relics Softball League

Date/Time of Meeting – 26 Mar 2016/1 PM

Members Present: Maurry Tamarkin - Commissioner
Chapman Smith – Chairman Gold Division
John DaSilva – Chairman/Secretary Silver Division
Dean McGranahan – Gold member
Dock Ericksberg – Silver member
Dom Vecchiarelli – Silver member

Members absent – Ed Struzziero – Gold member

1. Introductions were made of both the Gold and Silver Internal Committee (IC) members. A special thanks to the Relics that attended the meeting. Bill Koss, Tony Guilbeau, Rich Nacewicz & Jim Patnode

2. Old business

A. Rules passed in 2014 but Playing rules on web page were not updated:

Change M.4 to read

M4. Round Robin batting order in which each player present (who is eligible and physically able to play) will be assigned a place in the batting order for that game and will bat whenever their turn occurs. (Change 2014)

B. Rules passed in 2015 but Playing rules on web page were not updated:

(1) Add K3, K4 and re-number existing rules sequentially

K3. Members age 80 plus or who will be 80 in the current playing year may use Senior Bats, 1.21 BPF or below. (Added 2015)

K4. Any bat that is rolled, shaved or altered in any way will not be legal. (Added 2015).

(2) Update from 20 feet to 30 feet for placement of the commitment line. Change H1 to read:

H1. A commitment line thirty feet from the scoring plate will be used. Once a runner's foot touches the ground on or past this line, the runner is committed to advancing to the scoring plate and may no longer be tagged out. EFFECT: Tag of the runner by a defensive player will not be allowed. The runner will be called safe and the ball remains live. NOTE: If a runner re-crosses the commitment line in an attempt to return to third base, he will be declared out and the ball remains live. (Change 2015)

(3) Update starting time for Gold Game to 4:15 PM. Change L.1a to read

L 1a. On weekdays, the first game will start at 4:15 PM. (Changed 2015)

(4) Batted line drive to the pitcher. Add E7

E7. (Gold division). If a batted line drive hits the pitcher, the umpire will call “Dead Ball Out”. Near misses, balls batted sharply through the pitcher's box or in the vicinity of the pitcher, without striking the pitcher, do NOT result in dead ball out. The pitcher MUST be in the pitcher's box when struck by a batted line drive ball for the umpire to call Dead Ball Out.

When a batted line drive ball strikes the pitcher in the arm (including the glove), while the pitcher is, in the umpire's judgment, in the process of making a reasonable defensive play on the ball, the rule does not apply.

When a batted line drive ball strikes the pitcher in the arm (including the glove), whether or not the ball ultimately strikes any other part of the pitcher's body, AND in the umpire's judgment, the pitcher had NO opportunity to make a reasonable defensive play on the ball, the umpire will call Dead Ball Out.

If the pitcher is struck in the arm(s) while reacting to protect himself or avoid being harmed by the batted line drive ball, the umpire will call Dead Ball Out. (Added 2015)

C. New Business

(1) Silver division only - replacement rule needs modification since coaches are now graded. Change A4a. Player Shortage – Replacements to read:

A4a. (Silver division only) Any replacement player called must have a rating equal to or lower than the roster player. (Changed 2016)

(2) Silver division has also agreed to adopt the Gold division rule concerning batted line drive to the pitcher.

(3) Discussion on how best to protect a pitcher was addressed. Along with the batted line drive new rules for both divisions, it will be recommended for this upcoming season that pitchers use either the pitching screen or wear a protective face mask. Effective 1 Jan 2017, it will be mandatory for both divisions that either the pitching screen or mask be worn by all pitchers. Add the following to F6g

F6g. It is recommend that each pitcher use the pitcher’s screen or wear a protective face mask while pitching (must wear the mask consistent with the manufacturer’s intended usage of their product). Pitchers are also recommended to wear additional protective safety equipment, comprised of head gear (NOCSAE-approved), heart/chest protection and shin guards. Starting 1 Jan 2017, it will be mandatory for pitchers to use the pitcher’s screen or wear a protective face mask while pitching. The wearing of other protective gear will remain as recommended. (Added 2016)

(4) Discussion on going back to using the extra home plate or scoring line for the Silver division. At this time, Silver division will remain using the scoring line.

(5) Discussion of fake throws to first were discussed. It was voted that no action will be taken at this time but will be looked at for the upcoming season.

(6) Discussion on use of the courtesy runner. It was voted by both divisions that no changes will be made this season, however, a reminder to umps and coaches will be sent reinforcing our current rules dealing with courtesy runners.

(7) During our annual meeting the idea of allowing over running 2nd and 3rd base in the Silver division. After discussion on the topic it was voted that no change will be made on this item.

(8) It was discussed and agreed upon for both divisions that the “FLIP-FLOP” Rule will be in affect after 10 runs or more. The following will be added as G.3

G3. The Visiting Team must be ahead by ten (10) or more runs after the completion of the sixth inning (last inning). If so, the Home Team will remain at bat and start a new at-bat. Use of the Flip-Flop rule is required (mandatory) unless BOTH managers agree to waive this rule. (Added 2016)

(9) During our annual meeting the idea was brought up to eliminate the orange base at second in the Gold division. After discussion it was voted to eliminate the orange base. Change C2 to read the following and delete C3:

C2. There will be only one bag at second base for the Silver and Gold division. (Changed 2016)

(10) From our annual meeting, the idea of makeup games for the Gold and to change the Gold Bragging Rights tournament to a seeding tournament. It was voted that there will not be any make up games played but the Gold Bragging Rights Tournament will be a seeded, single elimination tournament. Gold coaches will be required to keep amount of games won/lost during the season. Also agreed upon was that the Silver Bragging Rights tournament will be a blind draw, double elimination tournament.
(11) Discussion on the Gold division rule which states “2b. The runner shall be considered safe on an overrun as long as he turns to the right after passing the base. Any attempt to advance (turn left) or to decoy the fielder, cancels the run by rule and the runner may be tagged out.” It was voted that no changes will be made to this rule. This rule was implemented to take away the judgement call of the umpire if the runner was attempting to advance or not.
(12) A review and discussion of our current ground rules dealing with the right side of the field. The following will be add to our Ground Rules

5. Any ball that bounces foul and then goes into fall territory on the left side of the field will be ruled as a ground rule double once the umpire losses sight of the ball. On the right side there is an imaginary line perpendicular from the end of the fence post through the parking lot. Any ball that bounces fair and goes pass the imaginary line will be ruled dead ball and the umpire will determine the award of bases.

(13) Review several comments from our members dealing with umpire calls. These will be passed to the umpires for their discussion.

(14) Jim Patnode has agreed to paint a warning line on the grass just before the fence to assist outfielders from running into the fence.

D. Meeting adjourned, 2:20 PM

Meeting minutes approved,

Chapman Smith/John DaSilva

Gold/Silver Internal Commission Chairman


Approved by the Board of Directors, 15 Apr 2016

Maurry Tamarkin Commissioner ■ Dom Vecchiarelli Assistant Commissioner: ■ John DaSilva Registrar ■ Dan Scully Treasurer ■ Walter Stewart Recording Secretary
■ Ray Saccoccio III Public Relations ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Dan Scully Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver ■ Joe Conway Past Commissioner

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