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Social Activities - Overview

Western Mass Relics Social Activities

For many years, the Relics have been known for their excellent Senior Softball League and the high quality of play. The friendships that have been established continue to flourish and are part of that tradition.

In addition to the basic competition, the Relics have conducted many social activities over the years, including the summer family picnic. Unfortunately, many of these social activities have gone by the wayside in the recent past, but thanks to Pat Lombardo and his unrelenting hard work, these activities have now become very popular.

Last year, the Relics had their third annual Christmas Party. Over 100 people attended this party. One of our own members (Ray Saccoccio ) served as an excellent disc jockey.

Events planned for our members and families for the 2020 year are:

  Summer Picnic - Noon to 5PM at the Fish and Game Club, Late August
  Christmas Party – December

■Commissioner-Dave Beach ■Asst Commish Jim Choinard ■Registrar -Mitch Pysznik ■Secretary-Russ Maclean  ■Treasurer-Ted Chmura III ■PR-Steve Lepow ■Past Commissioner-Walter Stewart ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Bill Koss Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver

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