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New Website Version Released

During the past few weeks, several of us have been working on updates to our website.

The following is a list of new features and tweaks to existing ones. Rest assured, all of the capabilities of the previous version have been maintained including Players Ideas, Schedules, Rosters, Photo Galleries, Registration form and Special Announcements.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of Ray Saccoccio III, we have added a new "Master Calendar" which will include a list of all up coming and past activities, meetings, game schedules, social activities, holidays, etc.

Also, as you may have noticed, we have really begun to populate the outfield fence with banners from many local sponsors. Currently, we are up to 19 sponsors. At the bottom of the Relic's home page and the Special Announcement pages, there is a scrolling banner that contains an image of the actual banner as it appears on the fence. You can click on the individual image to take you to that sponsors website.

Finally, we have reorganized the header at the top of the page to allow for a more streamlined look and space for displaying photos and the calendar. The Menu list has been replaced by a single "Menu" button. When you click on that button, all of the other menu items that you have been used to seeing in the past will appear (About Us, Rosters, Schedules, Photo Gallery, Special Announcements and Registration).

Maurry Tamarkin Commissioner ■ Dom Vecchiarelli Assistant Commissioner: ■ John DaSilva Registrar ■ Dan Scully Treasurer ■ Walter Stewart Recording Secretary
■ Ray Saccoccio III Public Relations ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Dan Scully Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver ■ Joe Conway Past Commissioner

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