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Gold Bragging Rights Results thru Aug 31

Gold Bragging Rights Tournament- 2017

2017 Gold Bragging Rights tournament schedule
SeedCoachTeam Number
1Steve 5
GMDate  Results
128 Aug, Monday, 4:15 PMTeam 4-_MaurryTeam 6 - Jim Team 4 - Maurry
229 Aug, Tuesday, 4:15 PMTeam 3 - WaltTeam 2 - DanTeam 2 - Dan
330 Aug, Wednesday, 4: 15 PMTeam 5 - SteveTeam 4 - MaurryTeam 4 - Maurry
431 Aug, Thursday 4:15 PMTeam 1 - StanTeam 2 - DanTeam 1 - Stan
55 Sep, Tuesday, 4:15 PMTeam 4 - MaurryTeam 1 - Stan
1.   First game – Monday, 28 Aug.  All games will start at 4:15.   
2.   Single elimination, seeded tournament.   International rules for ties after 7 innings
3.   Rain out policy – game will be played next day with all remaining games pushed up a day.
4.   Must have at least 9 roster players to play a game or it will be considered a forfeit/loss.   Exception: Team 2 is allowed to have 8 roster players plus one non-roster player.  Must have at least 9 defensive players to play or it will be considered a forfeit/loss.  
5.   If a team is going to be short, the coaches should communicate before the game to discuss substitution players from other teams.  Both coaches must agree with the substitution.  Providing catchers will also be allowed.  
6.   Seven inning games, one inning at a time  
7.   Home team will be determined by highest seeding.  In Game 5, the home team will be determined by coin toss.  

International Tie Breaker rule     
     When a regulation game ends in a tie, the International Tie Breaker rule will be used.  The player to make the last out in the previous inning will be placed on second base and the batting order will continue from the previous inning. There will be no substitute runner allowed for the runner at second base until he reaches third base. If the runner scheduled to be placed at second base is not able to continue play, an out will be declared and the next previous player in the official batting order will be the runner at second base.   Each inning is considered an open inning. 

Maurry Tamarkin Commissioner ■ Dom Vecchiarelli Assistant Commissioner: ■ John DaSilva Registrar ■ Dan Scully Treasurer ■ Walter Stewart Recording Secretary
■ Ray Saccoccio III Public Relations ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Dan Scully Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver ■ Joe Conway Past Commissioner

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