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Display Case for Bragging Rights

As many of you may have noticed, we have several display cases attached to the walls of the concession stand and storage sheds at the fish. These cases contain important information about the Relics including schedules, media information and rosters. In addition, there is a display case containing the names of those Relics who played with us for years and whose memory we now observe.

The latest addition to our display cases is one to commemorate the victors in our annual Bragging Right tournament.

We would like to thank Walt Darcy who has so generously donated his time, expertise and materials to create these cases. Walt is a long time member of the Relics and currently plays in the Gold division.

From all of us, thanks Walt.

Maurry Tamarkin Commissioner ■ Dom Vecchiarelli Assistant Commissioner: ■ John DaSilva Registrar ■ Dan Scully Treasurer ■ Walter Stewart Recording Secretary
■ Ray Saccoccio III Public Relations ■ Pat Lombardo Entertainment Chairman ■ Dan Scully Internal Chairman Gold ■ Paul Grudgen - Internal Chairman Silver ■ Joe Conway Past Commissioner

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