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Comments by: Mike Dutton on 04/25/2020 9:35:21 AMLudlow, MA
Wishing Buff a speedy recovery.
Comments by: Bill (William) Freeman on 04/24/2020 1:06:09 PMWestfield, MA
To all WMR's - Jerry (Buff) Buffam, a recent member of the Gold Div. after moving up from the Silver Div last year, suffered a serious heart attack on April 13th. He is currently recovering at the Baystate Noble Hospital Rehabilitation Unit. If I receive further information I will post it.
Comments by: Ted Chmura III on 04/22/2020 12:49:11 PMLudlow, MA
Hey Relics - between 6pm and 8pm tonight be on the lookout for several IMPORTANT emails. If you don't get at least one email from the address: WesternMassRelics@GoogleGroups.com - PLEASE check your Spam/Junk folders for these emails and mark them as "NOT Spam", or "NOT Junk". Thank you so much. "Little" Teddy. :-)
Comments by: Bill Koss on 04/20/2020 2:36:22 PMLudlow, MA
Ted. Your Dad and I played on the same team for several years & also at the Cape. I remember once at the Cape he was playing 3rd and I was playing first. A grounder hit to 3rd your Dad fielded it fired to first. I caught it in the palm of my glove and spent the next 2 hours with ice on my hand. What a throw. He did not throw it he launched it. One great guy. RIP Ted.
Comments by: Ray Jr Saccoccio III on 04/20/2020 8:03:39 AMChicopee, MA
So very sorry to hear about your Dad Ted. So few father/son members in our organization. My heart breaks for you and your family.
Comments by: Dave Beach on 04/19/2020 7:50:08 PMPalmer, MA
The silver did their draft today. If they haven't already your coaches will be in touch. All we need now is a clear to stat playing. Will keep you all updated
Comments by: Dave Beach on 04/16/2020 5:40:02 PMPalmer, MA
being that the state has the ban until may 4th the CPR/AED class will be postponed. We will keep updated as to when it will be run.
Comments by: Ted Chmura III on 04/16/2020 2:00:01 PMLudlow, MA
Part 1 - Hello Relics, sorry to have to post about the passing of another Relic, but - my Dad, Ted Chmura Jr. passed away this morning...in his home...with Family...VERY peacefully. Dad was a long time Relic and I know that there are some of you who knew him well. He absolutely LOVED playing softball and being a Relic. It might sound a little corny, but I think this organization - AND THE PEOPLE IN IT - are more meaningful and important than we might think.
Comments by: Ted Chmura III on 04/16/2020 1:59:40 PMLudlow, MA
Part 2 - Of course in this crazy time, we can't even do a "proper" service. But for any of you who might have attended, or even sent a card or made a call, I'd like to ask you instead to do something special: If you have a memory or some little anecdote about my Dad you'd be willing to share...whether it be a single sentence or a few paragraphs...would you pop it in an email to me at TedChmura@gmail.com ?? I'll share it with my Family. Thanks to any and all of you that touched Dad's life. And God Bless You. "Little" Teddy :-)
Comments by: Bill Koss on 04/16/2020 1:32:36 PMLudlow, MA
A FIRST for the WMRs occurred today at 10AM. John DaSilva and his assistant Debbie (wife) did the GOLD draft via iPad with Coaches and Internal Committee on Board. 5 Teams were picked and the coaches will receive their team rosters from John and then notify their players. Cannot THANK John & Debbie for the amount of work they did setting this up. I want to thank the Internal Committee and Coaches for their participation and understanding DURING THE PROCESS. It took about 1hour and 45 mins to complete.
Comments by: Chris Rawson on 04/14/2020 5:01:17 PME. Long, MA
Vinnie will also be missed by myself and all the other letter carriers in NALC Branch 46, RIP brother.
Comments by: Paul Grudgen on 04/13/2020 8:35:04 PMBelchertown, MA
sad to hear about vinnie , i first played softball with him back in 1984 with Country Corners team in elong and then with the Glenwood cafe in springfield,we finished playing together with Webe auto/teddy bear pools. we had more laughs ,he is truly a great guy and i will miss him.
Comments by: Mike Dutton on 04/13/2020 3:11:53 PMLudlow, MA
A quote from the Ludlow HS marquis. "Don't count the days. Make the days count"
Comments by: Mike Dutton on 04/13/2020 3:09:40 PMLudlow, MA
A quote from the Ludlow HS marquis. "Don't count the D ays. Make the Days count
Comments by: Mike Dutton on 04/13/2020 3:07:41 PMLudlow, MA
Comments by: Dave Beach on 04/13/2020 2:40:54 PMPalmer, MA
Always sad to hear about one of our own. RIP Vinnie.
Comments by: Bill Koss on 04/13/2020 11:25:24 AMLudlow, MA
To all WMRs It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that a close friend, a true gentleman, and a GREAT softball player (Vincent Vinnie Harackiewicz) passed away at 3AM this morning (4-13-20). Vinnie was well known in Western Mass for his softball pitching. I have no further info at this time but will let you when I do. RIP Vinnie.
Comments by: Bill Koss on 04/12/2020 10:36:27 AMLudlow, MA
To Coaches & Assistant Coaches of the GOLD Division. I know most of you have been notified by John DaSilva regarding the GOLD Draft. The only person (who is not a Coach or Assistant Coach who would not ordinarily be included would be Joe Conway. I value Joe's input hence the reason he was invited. My prerogative. John is working on doing the draft via ZOOM. If you have any questions please contact him. No date has been set. He is compiling the draft list and coaches will have a few days to review them prior to the draft
Comments by: Mike Dutton on 04/12/2020 9:40:41 AMLudlow, MA
Happy Easter to all.

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