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Comments by: Walter Sawa on 01/16/2019 7:26:59 AMChicopee, MA
Dear Relics, I would like to thank you for the way you supported our family with your prayers and love for Walt during his illness and after his passing. He loved playing softball with and coaching you. When he had a good game he would come home with a smile on his face but when he didn't...no smile. It didn't matter if he won or lost he always wanted to give 100%. So watch for him in the outfield this season he will be there. Love, Sue and family
Comments by: Maurry Tamarkin on 01/09/2019 9:47:03 AMBrimfield, MA
Walt was a great competitor and an even better human being. RIP, Walt, all will miss you.
Comments by: Jeff Ferranti on 01/08/2019 5:16:04 PMSpringfield, MA
Walt pointed out that anyone can get a single - always try for a double. Not a bad life lesson. Rest in Peace.
Comments by: Bill Koss on 01/08/2019 5:08:56 PMLudlow, MA
A large void has been left in the Western Mass Relics Senior Softball League.RIP Walt. You were a friend to all.
Comments by: Walter Stewart on 01/08/2019 4:36:10 PMAuburn, MA
To all members of the board of directors, I am calling a business meeting for January 29th at 5pm at the Fish. We need to get our equipment orders going and get ready for the upcoming season. Thanks, Walter.
Comments by: Tim Harty on 01/08/2019 3:18:52 PMHolyoke, MA
I was shocked and saddened to hear of Walt's passing. Last season, I had the privilege of being on his team and he helped make my first season in the Gold one of my most enjoyable seasons ever in the Relics. Walt was a class act who treated all his players with respect and decency. When I take the field this spring, I will look out to left field and think of him. He will be missed but not forgotten R.I.P. Coach
Comments by: Walter Stewart on 01/08/2019 3:11:59 PMAuburn, MA
Walt Sawa was one of my first teammates and I was happy to call him Big Walt during the year and ever since. His loss will be felt through both divisions of the Relics. Rest in Peace Walt.
Comments by: Stan Schweiger on 01/08/2019 8:38:36 AMLongmeadow, MA
Seeing the obit this morning, I've had to pinch myself a few times to believe what I read! I've met very few people in my life who were classier or nicer than Walter! This is an absolute shock! I'm terribly saddened! My deep condolences to Susan and his loving family! It will take an earthquake to keep me away from Cierpial Memorial Funeral Home at 4PM on Thursday!
Comments by: Mike Dutton on 01/08/2019 6:22:36 AMLudlow, MA
Walt was a good guy. He always took time to say hello to me whenever he saw me at the field. He will be missed by everyone. RIP Walter Sawa.
Comments by: Dan Marti on 01/07/2019 9:15:05 PMSomers, CT
Know Walter a couple of years; I grew to respect his athleticism, and learned about his humanity; his respect for his fellows and equity in his game. Some put players in, so they could win; Walter often sat the bench so others others played; This alone speaks volumes to his generosity in so competitive a spirit. Walter said in a message to his friends, “Don’t feel sorry for me.. been blessed with 51 years of marriage and children, I am OK with whatever the journey brings. -Walter, now that you’ve embarked upon a new journey. Travel Well..
Comments by: Tony Guilbeau on 01/07/2019 7:04:16 PMSouth Hadley, MA
Your were a class act. RIP
Comments by: Pat Lombardo on 01/07/2019 5:54:39 PMBlandford, MA
Condolences to the Sawa family, Walter was a good friend and teammate. Left field won't look the same without him
Comments by: Mark Goldman on 01/07/2019 3:43:32 PMSpringfield, MA
Walter Sawa (sorry)
Comments by: Mark Goldman on 01/07/2019 3:42:37 PMSpringfield, MA
I was saddened to read in Massive that Walt Saw has passed away. I know I can speak for everyone who has played with Walt that he was a class act and an excellent softball player. My condolences to his family.
Comments by: Steven Lepow on 12/31/2018 1:26:30 PMLongmeadow, MA
I would like to wish all the WMass Relics a very Happy and Healthy New Year. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the Jamboree.
Comments by: Walter Stewart on 12/22/2018 8:48:50 AMAuburn, MA
I just want to take this opportunity to wish every member of the Relics past and present and their families a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hope to see everyone at the meeting in February.
Comments by: Stan Schweiger on 12/14/2018 7:50:37 AMLongmeadow, MA
I just saw the obituary for Doug Scytkowski, Lefty's Son, who passed away on Tuesday. I feel terrible.Lefty is one of the Relics' true gentleman! Visiting hours are Sunday from 4-7 at the Curran-O'Brien Funeral Home, 33 Lamb Street, South Hadley.
Comments by: Tom Nicholson on 12/08/2018 9:24:19 AMSpringfield, MA
Hey Pat, just a thought... would a change in venue for the xmas party attract more sign ups. Going to the same place with same menu each year may be a same oh same oh. Hope everyone has a great holiday season and looking forward to getting back on the field. Tom Nicholson
Comments by: Walter Stewart on 12/07/2018 8:39:38 AMAuburn, MA
thank you to Pat for all his efforts to make this happen.

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