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Comments by: John DaSilva on 09/17/2018 5:27:35 PMLudlow, MA
Final Gold Bragging Rights Tournament game will be on 20 Sep, Thursday, 5PM, Team 6–Tamarkin vs Team 4–Sawa.
Comments by: Rico (Americo) Petrello on 09/13/2018 2:24:09 PMW.Spfld, MA
Is there ball at fish tonight
Comments by: John DaSilva on 09/11/2018 11:47:54 AMLudlow, MA
Next Gold Bragging Rights Tournament game will be on 17 Sep, Monday, 5PM, Team 6–Tamarkin vs Team 4–Sawa. Schedule under What's New will be corrected shortly.
Comments by: John DaSilva on 09/09/2018 7:22:08 PMLudlow, MA
Congratulations to the Diamond Dawgs and Jim Patruno’s Hampshire Fence for a Job Well Done at the Cape Cod Classic. The Western Mass Relics had a great showing at the 2018 Cape Cod Classic. It was a great week for the Relics.
Comments by: Mike Dutton on 09/09/2018 6:04:12 PMLudlow, MA
The Diamond Dawgs made a good showing this year in the Cape Classic. Made our way to the finals and were beaten by the Machine by 3 runs. This is the team that the Dawgs beat last year with an 11 run comeback in the 7th. Rubber game next year. Thank you Dawgs.
Comments by: Walter Stewart on 09/09/2018 9:00:49 AMAuburn, MA
Mike Proulx, thank you for those tickets to the game yesterday. Incredible experience at the Pavillion club. Watching BP from the monster seats and having a great meal before the game and then the view from those Pavillion seats, great day at the ballpark. Thank you for your donation.
Comments by: John DaSilva on 09/07/2018 5:30:06 AMLudlow, MA
Congratulations to the Bostonians for winning their division at the Cape Cod Classic. The Bostonians have several Relics on their team and went 6 and 0 to clinch their division.
Comments by: John DaSilva on 09/06/2018 7:18:57 PMLudlow, MA
Congratulations to the Western Mass Relics 70s team on winning first place in their division at the Cape Cod Classic. Job well done!!!
Comments by: Paul Grudgen on 09/05/2018 8:15:49 PMBelchertown, MA
the players ideas column should be for constructive use and not for disparaging remarks,settle this issue on the phone or have a meeting.
Comments by: Walter Stewart on 09/03/2018 11:10:02 AMAuburn, MA
Dear Walter and Dan, please contact me on Tuesday and fill me in completely on what happened. 413 531 3924. Thank you.
Comments by: Maurry Tamarkin on 09/03/2018 9:45:56 AMBrimfield, MA
I am asking if the Gold Division BRT Championship game could be squeezed on the calendar on Sept. 15 at 9:00 AM. The game clearly would finish before the Alzheimer Charity game scheduled at 11:00 AM. This would be a "tentative" game as all the Gold participates have not been notified to determine their availability.
Comments by: Dan Scully on 09/02/2018 12:44:58 PMLudlow, MA
Steve L You really don’t have a clue. Please return my shirt to the shed
Comments by: Dan Scully on 09/02/2018 12:20:34 PMLudlow, MA
Walter was willing to sacrifice friendships of many years for an advantage in a ballgame. That’s the win at any cost attitude I hate. When I informed the team of Walter’s decision nobody stated that they wanted to stay Bob put it best “If they want it that bad, they can have it’.
Comments by: Dan Scully on 09/02/2018 12:12:10 PMLudlow, MA
I let him bring in a non roster third baseman even though he had 11 of his own players 3 this year when his third baseman was on vacation I allowed a non roster player even though he had 11 guys. 4 in our first BRT game I allowed him to use a top player to replace himself even though he still had enough guys. This was the same player, who just happened to attend the game that Walter refused me. I had just ten able bodied players at the time.
Comments by: Dan Scully on 09/02/2018 12:01:26 PMLudlow, MA
I’m saddened to write as I had considered Walter to be a friend for the last 16 years. But here goes We did not finish the game besause Walt refused to allow us a sub of equal value to our injured player. That decision was a travesty. Here’s why. I have given Walt numerous breaks in our two tears of coaching togethe. 1 he had too many players who could not run. I waived the new pinch runner rule allowing him and Tom to run more 2 last year when he needed a third baseman at the BRT.
Comments by: Tony Guilbeau on 09/02/2018 9:44:04 AMSouth Hadley, MA
Steve L. -- you mentioned in your post about playing by the rules. - I was wondering how you justify using an outfielder from Maury's team while a couple of guys sat on the bench. Also, I do not know who you spoke with on our team about not wanting to forfeit. ALMOST all our players were in agreement to forfeit. You should get your facts straight before you post something. Good luck at the Cape.
Comments by: Steven Lepow on 09/01/2018 8:46:40 PMLongmeadow, MA
It was nice to see your comment Steve Schwartz. It's too bad one person on your team ruined it for the rest of your team and Walt's team. The league rules are made for us to follow and not for one person to change them to his advantage. In speaking with many of your teammates after the game it's refreshing to see they felt the same as you do. Have a good winter and I hope to see you next year.
Comments by: Steven Schwartz on 09/01/2018 1:36:37 PMMonson, MA
Just wanted to say thank you to all my teammates on team 1 in the gold division had a great 2nd. year. Not the way I wanted to end the season,I would have played 10 on 11 and lose on the field than giving up. Just my thought of the day.I will return next year ,be safe and happy.
Comments by: Walter Stewart on 08/31/2018 5:01:09 PMAuburn, MA
great year for Paul and his team 8. Congratulations on your Silver Bragging Rights Tournament Championship. Thank you to all the umpires and the members of the grounds crew that have done a fantastic job this year. Without your volunteering and hard work we don't play.

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